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Glamping Pods are ideal for both businesses and households.

Perfect for experiencing nature’s true beauty without the stress of packing and unpacking camping equipment. Glamping provides both luxury and comfort.

glamping pods

Here are the benefits for purchasing a Pod

There has been a rise in popularity of staycations within the UK with holiday makers not wanting to travel abroad since the impact of Covid-19 and avoiding expensive costs. With the protection against poor weather conditions, Glamping can be enjoyed all year round, unlike generalised camping more so restricted to Summer.

The upfront costs seem reasonable when the maintenance physically required is very low for these pods. These builds will withstand the outdoors for many years and are unlikely to suffer from any external damage, requiring little to none repair work.

Avoiding the hard labour of erecting a tent each camping trip and having to take everything down at the end of your ‘relaxing’ break, a Glamping Pod is already constructed and fully established on site.

Many people will avoid camping due to the little protection against poor weather conditions, insects and wild animals surrounding your tent. Pods being built with sturdy materials, ensure your safety is met.

If you are wanting to accommodate more people without having your main household overly occupied, Pods are a perfect solution. They are very versatile as they have many uses such as; a guest room, a garden room, a granny annexe or a garden office.

The buildings are constructed with eco-friendly and sustainable materials, allowing them to blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Do Glamping Pods require planning permission?

The best option is to contact your local planning authority or check on the government website.

Building on site

For small scale projects we can commence the build at our Worcester workshop and transport the pod to your site address. For larger scaled builds, we will begin to commence the works on site.

Delivery is included in the costs with sites based within a 10 mile radius.

Anything past this will be quoted for additionally.

Garden room installations

Our expert and qualified team are able to create you a completely bespoke and contemporary garden room to complete your outdoor space. These can be used all year round, why not give us a call?

Enjoy dinner in the sun on a spacious decking

We also create stunning decking to complete any outdoor space, of any size, made-to-measure for your garden. 

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